Native Landscaping

Water restrictions and drought don’t have to leave you with a lifeless dried up landscape. You can revitalize your yard with a well-planned, sustainable Texas native landscape for a thriving and green outdoor space with year-round color and life without the standard upkeep and water requirements.

Native Landscaping Plants

North Texas Native Landscaping

Native landscaping in tough North Texas conditions just makes sense, and it’s as simple as taking cues from what works in nature – working with the local climate, soil, and proven plants.

Going native holds a number of advantages over a conventional, builder grade landscape.

Low Maintenance

  • Reduced need for soil amendments and fertilizers simplify installation and maintenance
  • Plants are virtually carefree – low water needs, fewer pests and disease
  • Less mowing, fewer power tools, and less pruning

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

  • Conserve water, cut chemical use, and improve air quality
  • Provide habitat for butterflies, birds and other wildlife
  • Preserve regional ecosystems for plants, animals, and future generations

Added Value

  • Enjoy one-of-a-kind naturalistic beauty, vibrant through heat and drought
  • Grow food not lawns for more productive use of your green spaces
  • Teach children about nature

Ready to plan your Native Landscape?

Dubberley Landscape is a Texas Natives pioneer in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our expertise is earth-friendly natives and well-adapted plants, including herbs and edibles. Contact Carrie Dubberley to discuss creating a water efficient North Texas native landscape to suit your needs.

Native landscape

We offer horticultural consultation and landscape design and garden coaching for a more hands-on, learning experience.

Learn More About Native Landscaping

Read the Native Landscaping FAQ below and be sure to visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center website where you can explore natives and search the database for plants perfect for your own North Texas garden.

Carrie is available for lectures and seminars for your group or organization.

Native Landscapes and Rain Gardens

You can improve your native landscape’s water conservation by adding a rain garden to capture and hold rain on your property to help irrigate your native and well-adapted plants. Dubberley Landscape specializes in custom Rain Gardens for your North Texas native landscape.