From DIY Landscape to Waterwise Winners

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A full-scale professional landscape renovation isn’t for everyone. Some prefer a more hands-on approach and organic process. Whether to save money or for the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands – creating a landscape is well-suited to a gradual, organic approach.

After all, what better way to learn to take care of your landscape than by being involved in the process, getting your hands a little dirty once in a while! You may find the results all the more rewarding.

A DIY Success Story

In 2009, I started working with Holly and Mark of Plano, who, over the course of a couple of years, took a plan we developed together and created an award-winning garden.

DIY Landscape - Before

Holly and Mark wanted an eco-friendly edible landscape they could create themselves but opted for some professional guidance to make sure they had a solid plan that was sustainable and maintainable.

This project was right up my alley since they both had a strong sense of working with, instead of against, the environment; by reusing, reducing and recycling both inside and outside their home.

We addressed this by first reducing irrigation and chemical dependent lawn and replacing it with a more useful, naturalistic landscape for them to enjoy.

Next, criteria for plant life was low maintenance, low water use, earth friendly, while also providing food for the kitchen and a wildlife habitat for the local fauna.

DIY Landscape - After

Their last request for a healthy environment in which to garden was easily fulfilled with the plant choices, lawn reduction, and a little eco-friendly gardening know-how. We created a space free of harsh chemicals and boring lawn, where they, along with their two dogs, have fun exploring their own personal garden paradise.

More than a sum of its parts, the plantings provide food and attract wildlife to their little habitat, but they also bring blooms and beauty to the garden.

The fruits of their labor have been their best reward. Being recognized for their outstanding garden as 2012 Dallas Water-Wise Landscape Tour location 5 winners was nice too! You can take the tour yourself via the video below.

Garden Coaching for a Better Garden

Installing a landscape may be labor intensive but is certainly possible. However, gardening mistakes can become costly – monetarily and emotionally! A bit of professional guidance can go a long way to putting you on the right path.

Working together with a garden coach, you can create a plan for your own landscape, custom fit to your every need. Garden coaching also guides and teaches you, so you can go forth with confidence to tackle any challenge and make your garden your very own winner.

If you have a gardening problem, a new design you’ve been dreaming about, or even an existing landscape that could use a little refreshing, I’d love to hear from you.

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