Landscape Design & Installation

dry-stream-bed-plano-texas-native-landscapeLandscape design is an investment for your home and for yourself. A well thought out plan saves you time and money, increase your home’s value, and is essential for a smooth installation.

With our expertise in native and well-adapted plants for North Texas and water conserving landscapes, let us create a custom landscape design to meet your needs. We’ll begin with:

1: Horticultural Consultation

We’ll first meet for two hours to discuss your landscaping needs and examine the condition of your landscape to make recommendations. At this initial meeting, we review your budget, time frame and goals.

$180.00 for initial 2 hour session | $80 per hour for additional consultation

Be prepared with a copy of your home’s plat* to save time and money. We use the plat for making notes as we survey your property and for measurements when drawing up design plans.

If you opt to have a formal design plan drawn up following our initial meeting, see steps 2 and 3.

2: Design Contract

The Design contract is a simple document which outlines the scope of work, addresses your needs for your space, and presents the design plan estimate.

3: Landscape Design Plans

Landscape design plans includes 2-D AutoCAD design drawings, site analysis, measurements, pictures and consultation time on location. You will receive a detailed planting plan and plant list.

$60 per hour plus related costs (i.e. blueprints, photos, etc.); can range from 7-20 hours depending on the complexity, size and details.

Note: a deposit of one half of the project estimate is due before drawings may begin. The remainder is due upon delivery. Minimum charge $600.00.

4: Installation

Take the worry out of making your vision come to life. Dubberley Landscape can see your project through from start to finish. We work with quality crafts people to make sure your design is built to specifications. And we stay involved to be sure it is done right. An installation estimate is provided following the design phase.

Note: Installation minimum $3000.00.

Garden Coaching for more hands-on landscape consulting

Have an existing landscape that could just use some refining or prefer a more DIY approach with a little professional guidance? Garden Coaching with Carrie Dubberley brings a fresh perspective to your landscape and practical advice to help cultivate a plan for your garden, address a perplexing problem, or just guide you wherever you may need help. Get started today.

*a plat is a legal document, a survey of your property and house drawn up by a registered surveyor. You should find this with documents you received when you bought your home.