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October 2, 2014 | By Carrie Dubberley | Reply More

Fall may have just arrived (and it still feels a bit too much like summer!), but if you are like me, you are already starting to think about bringing your tropical container plants in for the winter.

Alright, maybe you’re not obsessing like me just yet! But you may have questions on how to best care for your container plants: how long can they stay out; what’s the best way to transition them to the indoors, etc? What about bringing bugs into the house?!

Or maybe you just want to put together an attractive container for the holiday season. This, along with other fall crafting projects, always gets me excited this time of year.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m teaching  a new class on Container Gardening that will answer all these questions and help you master the art of putting together beautiful container arrangements yourself.

Some of the topics we cover include basic design principles, plants and container types, installation and maintenance, plus a field trip to a local plant nursery to scope out the best plants and planters.

The next class starts soon: Oct. 8 from 7 to 9 pm, 1 day a week for 4 weeks. Register by October 6th or else you will have to wait until April for this class to be offered again!

Container Gardening is part of a series of courses I teach at Collin College in Plano. If you take all four of my courses, you can now earn a Home Landscaping Certificate! You can read more about each class here. Water Conservation for Your Home Landscape has been especially popular recently and has 2 classes scheduled for October.

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